Ways An Armoured Car Can Protect You 

In today’s world, safety and security are critical for any VIP, whether a celebrity, diplomat, or politician. Specialized armored vehicles are frequently used to defend them from threats. 

Armored automobiles, trucks, and SUVs such as the Troy Armoring armored sedans can safeguard your most valuable goods from assaults and live threats. Transporting precious assets across turbulent zones, whether people or tangible products, can pose major security concerns. This includes unstable governments, political turmoil, rebel activities, active conflicts, and high-crime cities. 

When to use an armored vehicle? 

When carrying precious items. Remember the last bank robbery movie you saw when there was a standoff with an armored vehicle? You might be shocked to learn that these bulletproof SUVs, armored vans, and trucks are often used outside Hollywood. These cars, also called cash-in-transit vehicles (CIT), are frequently used by banks and jewelry firms to ensure the safe movement of cash and valuables. 

Armored vehicles are used to protect the people as well as the items being delivered. This is ensured by the fact that they have both transparent and armored opaque regions against certain rounds and shell reinforcement and material that can survive severe temperatures. As a result, these armored cars can guard against robberies, hijackings, and other violent threats. 

The components of an armored vehicle 

Armored vehicles are not like regular vehicles, and neither are their components. An armored vehicle includes identical components but is modified to give passengers additional security. The primary components that distinguish a regular vehicle from a VIP armored vehicle are as follows. 

  • Run-flat tires 

Run Flat Tires are designed specifically for bulletproof cars and essential to a VIP armored vehicle. Run Flat Tires (RFT) enable the vehicle to continue operating even after being hit by gunshots. RFTs may move the car even when they are inflated.

  • BR glass 

Ballistic Resistant Glass, or BR Glass, is the primary component of an armored vehicle. Armored vehicles, whether VIP or standard, are incomplete without BR glasses mounted in all window panes. It protects the occupants by presenting the vehicle with translucent armor.

  • Under the bonnet 

The operation of a vehicle is dependent on the pieces present under the hood. As a result, it is critical to offer an additional protection layer under the hood to keep the VIP armored vehicle operational even after an attack. 

  • Armored body 

A VIP armored vehicle is safer than any other since the entire body is bulletproof with ballistic steel plates. 

Get your armored vehicle today! 

According to the information provided above, various non-military and non-law enforcement circumstances may necessitate the employment of an armored vehicle. And, as these sorts of vehicles and SUVs become more common, there has never been a better time to examine this option.