How do I apply for an International Driving License in another country?

The document (card) commonly referred to as the international driving license (IDL) also known as an International Driving Permit (IDP) permits the driver to drive within another nation. A IDP is required to drive in certain countries as per international drivers association, the same way driving licenses are required for driving on Indian roads. It’s an international driver’s licence and the procedure for applying for it is exactly the same as the procedure for a licence issued in the country of origin.

The fundamentals of IDP

Multilingual translations of your driver’s license in the country you reside is basically what is an IDP is. An Indian driving licence may suffice to drive a car in certain foreign countries if the information it contains is written in English. The duration of your stay as well as the kind of Visa you’re issued will decide the validity of this.

You have to decide if an individual country is a signatory of the 1949 Convention on Road Traffic if it is not able to allow this. They must at a minimum, acknowledge the international permit, even in the event that they are not a party to the treaty. The current driver’s license must be valid to allow an IDP.

If the country you’re visiting isn’t one of the above categories, you must contact the officials of the country to find out more about the procedure they follow to deal with IDP. It is essential to follow local laws and general security precautions while driving in foreign countries.

How do I go to apply to be considered for an IDP?

The three options for how you can apply to an IDP are as follows.

Office of Local and Regional Transport (RTO)

If you have any questions about your licence or car, you can contact your local RTO. You may make an application for IDP IDP at your neighborhood RTO just the same way you would do for an driver’s license.

Vehicle Association

You can also make an application for IDP through a recognized car association. In order to get an IDP you need to join the organization. The membership fee is minimal and comes with many benefits. If you are a member of an auto organization such as a car club you could be eligible to receive a reduction on the cost of insurance. Prior to joining, you should be sure you review the benefits and see if they’re beneficial for you.

Association for International Traffic Control (ITCA)

A non-governmental online organization is ITCA. Major car rental companies will accept IDP provided by ITCA. The IDP process, according to ITCA, is expected to be completed in just two days. The application process is simple and shipping is easy.

Based on your personal preferences according to your preferences, you can select among the options listed above.


Another form of proof of identity can be an IDP. It’s probably the second-most important form of identification when you are for a foreign nation, in addition to your passport. When filling out an IDP Application Form, you must be sure to supply accurate information. The application form has to be submitted along with photocopies of your current driver’s license. Auto associations and RTOs may also require proof of address. At ITCA the entire documenting process is completed online.